• Innovating Women

  • All stories are inspiring and tell us how much similar a woman’s professional world is across the world – irrespective of it being developed or not…Book also brings out that women need to support each other and help each other grow…
    - Anuradha Goyal
  • A collection of essays on everything that comes with being a woman in tech and entrepreneurship, Innovating Women paints a progressing and bright future for women, the tech industry and entrepreneurs…This was a great book that had a lot of insight…It would be a great read for any woman at multiple stages of their careers and could be interpreted for other marginalized groups that don’t intersect with those already represented here.
    - Heather Stewart
  • A must read for anyone interested in improving innovation, here is a direct and unfortunately not often enough employed strategy – seek out bright women and allow them the flexibility to engage. We saw the wonders of this strategy in 1940’s with Rosie the Riveter. Today, we need a new galvanizing image and Wadhwa and Chideya have given us a plethora to choose from.
    - Preeta
  • Vivek is truly an awe inspiring man and the work that he and his team has done to bring forth Innovating Women to us is worthy of every award and accolade. I am blown away by the incredible courage that the women featured in this book have shown…This book captures all essence of the dozens of one-on-one conversations that I have had for years with the many women that I have worked with in the tech industry. This is a must read for men and women who want to change the tech industry and create a level playing field. The many compelling stories of the global women teaches us that we can thrive despite set backs and harsh challenges. There is an underlying message that we can change the tech cultural if we all work together and speak up when the situation warrants it.
    - Myra Nawabi
  • A compilation of tremendous success stories, Innovating Women is an inspiring read. It was refreshing to read the first-hand accounts of so many brilliant female entrepreneurs and innovators.
    - Kristoffer Fortune
  • “Asking the question” is the first step in “getting the answers.” This book centers innovators and thought leaders around questions about the pivotal moments in their lives: decisions they made, roadblocks they faced, “coulda-woulda-shouldas,” and what they wish for the rising contributors who read their words. Scan this or dive in deep if you want honest assessments from thoughtful, impactful people. Rising innovators: use this to assess today’s starting point – and plot your path to elevating the baseline for future waves of leaders.
    - Ellen L.
  • Much needed book, Vivek hats off to you for championing the real issues so passionately. Loved the book, got inspired by it…
    - Shradha
  • A compilation of tremendous success stories, Innovating Women is an inspiring read. It was refreshing to read the first-hand accounts of so many brilliant female entrepreneurs and innovators.
    - Harsh
  • We simply need more books like this one to shed light on innovating woman and the challenges they face. Wonderful work by the authors and a must-read for anyone who cares about the advancement of smart women.
    - Jessica Ramirez
  • Diversity of thought and experience are embraced by the authors and pulled together to paint a picture of the challenges women face with specific, actionable ideas on how we can address those challenges. There is no quick fix to this issue, but positive awareness and real ways to make an impact are discussed from the perspectives of very diverse contributors. This book is inspiring and makes me motivated to do more on a local level to drive positive change for women in all aspects of the technology industry landscape.
    - CA Mosley
  • This call-to-action and underlying message…addresses a fundamental gap to ensure that we are tapping ALL of our best minds to solve the problems and embrace opportunities we face today that position us to define and create the brightest future possible for our planet and civilization. Men and women working in partnership professionally and at home is without a doubt our strongest suit.
    - Anne L. Hartley
  • A truly inspiring read for anyone in STEM fields…This collection of stories serves as a triumph to women persevering in an often hostile domain but in a way that encouraged me to overcome to obstacles rather than be overwhelmed and walk away. Likely a book that I’ll reread a few times if I need some motivation!
    - Carina
  • ‪Innovating‬ Women is more than a book…is a way to scale the voice of women that are creating new and better realities. Each story generates a multiplier effect through the power of inspiration and innovation. All women represented have the power to make things happen and change the world…Thanks Vivek and Farai.
    - Barbara Silva
  • As a millennial who is living in a world where men dominate majority of the industries, I find this book to be inspirational and exceptional. The stories that each women featured in the book not only shows us how strong we are but truly courageous to withstand the inequality that exists still today.
    - Cynthia Hellen
  • The stories in this book by Vivek are of women you may have heard of and many you have not but they are all strong women with interesting stories. They have found ways to achieve their goals in the technology field despite many obstacles. Inspiring for the younger generation and full of good reflection points for those of us who have lived through the struggles. The proceeds from the book are going to help young women to overcome the obstacles they face today. A lot of the obstacles remain the same, we have still have a long way to go but I have hope for a better future.
    - Pam Barry
  • Finally – a book that addresses the blindspot our society has for women innovators. This message has been sorely missing from the conversation about the exclusivity of the innovation ecosystems…A must read for all leaders.
    - Kristiina Hiukka
  • Wadhwa and Chideya build a timely picture of a sector that is beginning to realise it has a problem…In a world where male venture capitalists often hold the purse strings and end up determining which women get funding for new ideas, it feels appropriate that Innovating Women was not just crowdsourced but crowdfunded…The authors are cautiously optimistic that the rise of such alternatives will itself play a part in allowing women to claim their rightful place at the centre of the industry carving out the 21st century.

    - Hannah Kuchler
  • I was very excited to get a chance to read the book Innovating Women by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya. It’s an excellent combination of stories from powerful female innovators, along with analysis and research supporting the context. I enjoyed the book a lot, heard some new stories, and got a few new ideas.
    - Brad Feld
  • This book made me smile. For all the Silicon Valley emphasis on “disruption,” tech start-up culture has been overwhelmingly white, male, and workaholic. Wadhwa and Chideya shake up those assumptions, rounding up a fabulous group of successful women innovators and entrepreneurs to assemble data and tell stories that have the potential to disrupt the disruptors!

    - Anne-Marie Slaughter President and CEO of New America, author of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”
  • Vivek Wadhwa’s Innovating Women is an absolute must read for every women and man desiring to have an impact in technology and in the innovation economy. The compelling stories of so many women from around the globe striving to not just survive, but to thrive, are beyond inspirational.  While the harsh challenges often faced by innovating women are revealed, so too are the examples of the many, many women who are overcoming the obstacles, successfully innovating, and truly transforming the world for the better. Innovating Women is a rich source of realism and optimism, giving light to where we collectively need to go for all, and especially women, to be able to fully and powerfully participate in our increasingly interconnected world in which exponentially advancing technologies are making it possible to finally solve the real challenges that humanity faces.

    - Katie Elizabeth
  • Vivek Wadhwa is one of my favorite writers – and for good reason. He is fearless, relentless and incredibly articulate in his pursuit of a genuinely meritocratic Silicon Valley…the entire first chapter had me completely drawn in. It’s an excellent introduction to sexism in tech…I am particularly fond of the chapter by VC Heidi Roizen, and it is remarkable that the Megan Smith – now CTO of the USA – is included. These women are exceptionally inspiring for me personally (as a woman in software) but all of the women included in this anthology are truly inspiring and their personal stories are well worth reading. This anthology would be excellent reading for women in high school and college, seeking role models. At 35, I find their stories inspiring as well.
    - Elissa Shevinsky
  • More than a historical collection of challenges women in tech and science have faced, this book is intelligently assembled, brilliantly written, and prescriptive of where we need to head–with a surprisingly optimistic and motivating bent.
    - Megan Groves
  • This book provides a new message of achievement for girls and women – Vivek and Farai have assembled a dynamic collection of stories from hundreds of women who are changing fields and disciplines…Innovating Women shows the balancing act of brilliance, the dedication and determination required to change everything…..an amazing group of women (and men!) coming together to keep the doors wide open for future leaders.
    - Evo
  • Vivek Wadhwa & Farai Chideya exquisitely stitch together the thread of common stories of women in technology – revealing common struggles, barriers and obstacles. Their book is impeccably worded and authentic to the unique voices and experiences of outstanding female leaders. I found the stories relevant, relatable and on-point to situations I have encountered in my career as an engineer and manager in technology companies. Wadhwa and Chideya include outstanding recommendations for steps forward – making this a must-read for anyone working in technology, or heck, anyone hoping to change the world for the better.
    - Catherine Rose
  • What an amazing book!…The stories are inspirational. There are lessons here for all of us – both men and women, anyone who cares about developing more effective, more profitable technology businesses, with better outcomes for all of us. If you’re a founder, a VC, or somehow involved in the tech world, read this book.
    - Sovita Chander

We simply need more books like this one to shed light on innovating woman and the challenges they face. Wonderful work by the authors and a must-read for anyone who cares about the advancement of smart women.

Jessica Ramirez

We simply need more books like this one to shed light on innovating woman and the challenges they face. Wonderful work by the authors and a must-read for anyone who cares about the advancement of smart women.

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Some of the many Innovating Women featured in the book